After 10 years of old, handmade table tennis blade experience (Stiga, Banda, Perkosan, Cor de Buy) and making custommade rackets published at we established our racket-standard. If you have been looking for crisp feeling combined with excellent balance or simply you cannot find the solution for built in speed glue effect rubbers (eg. Tenergy series) you arrived to the right place. What we offer:


Premium quality
Selected raw material
Power core
No forced drying process
Tuned to new rules
Long lasting performance
Unique layering process
Crisp feeling
Natural outlook


OSP Blades are based on the best handmade lamina made of hand selected premium quality raw material. These laminas are waiting for your order. We just install the handle you choose so you need no wait the time of a custommade process. We attach individual data sheet to each racket. Take a look at OSP racket repertoire in this shop.